We are Miss Ability Pageant 

Our focus is providing the girl-child with a disability the platform to be celebrated and be loved.

About Miss Ability Pageant

Miss Ability Pageant is set up to be Nigeria’s most populous independent pageant event to    
celebrate and recognize the achievements, and contributions of teenage girls with disability.

This Pageant event will also provide an opportunity to raise awareness about disability issues
more broadly across the state and to support the development of an inclusive Nigerian

It will also bring together members of the society under one roof, in a flux of music, fashion
and comedy - the first of its kind to crown the Ability Queen for the year

Miss Ability Pageant is organized by Ideas and Solutions - an ideas development and
solutions consulting firm headquartered in Lagos, Nigeria. We exist to unearth and convert
hidden opportunities into profitable ventures. We are particularly excited about ideas that

have the capacity to solve problems plaguing our immediate society and the world at large.

The Pageant is open to any Nigerian disabled teenager.

The winners would become an ambassador for the disabled in Nigeria and would champion a
course to raise awareness about disability issues more broadly across the nation and to
support the development of the disabled

She shall represent the disabled community all through the year in events and national

Love to volunteer for our events and projects?